Restaurants in Umbria vary greatly from the very casual to the more elegant but are plentiful across the region and almost all specialize in typical Umbrian cuisine. The cuisine of Umbria is well known for it’s robust flavors and traditional old recipes and utilizes the best local, seasonal ingredients. The following is a general listing of many restaurants found across Umbria with prices indicated by dollar signs. Recommended restaurants will be noted with a red star, while others may have a link to a complete review. You can either browse through the list, or simply click on the town listed below which will take you to the dining options they have to offer.



Buca di San Francesco $$$
Via Brizi 1
Ph-075 812204
Closed Mondays.
Traditional Umbrian menu with an outdoor terrace in the summer.

San Francesco $$$
Via S. Francesco 52
Ph-075 812329
Closed Wednesdays.
Nice view overlooking the basilica. Strangozzi with truffles a specialty.

Trattoria Pallotta $$
Vicolo della Volta Pinta
Ph 075 812649
Closed Tuesdays.
Head through the painted vault off of Piazza Commune into this restaurant.
Umbrian classics such as home-made strangozzi, rabbit and pigeon. Very reasonably priced.

Al Camino Vecchio $$
Via S. Giacomo 7a
Ph 075 812936
Closed Tuesdays.
Parking close by. Good basic Umbrian dishes.

Il Medio Evo $$
Via Arco dei Priori
Ph 075 813068
Closed Mondays, month of January & 3 weeks in July.
Local cuisine in a medieval setting.

Nuova Osteria Piazzetta dell’Erba $$
Via S. Gabriele dell’Addolorata
Ph 075 815352
Closed Mondays.
Central position in town with unique pasta dishes. A fair priced set menu is offered as well.

Osteria Pozzo della Mensa $$
Via Pozzo della Mensa
Ph 075 8155236
Attractive setting with an upstairs terrace. Specialties include ravioli stuffed with truffles and porcini mushrooms and wild boar.

La Stalla $$ *
Via Eremo delle Carceri 8
Ph 075 812317
Closed Mondays.
On the way to Eremo delle Carceri from Assisi. Hearty dishes including polenta with sausages.

Hotel Grotta Antica $
Vicolo Buscatti 6
Ph-075 81 34 67
Limited but delicious menu of mostly Ligurian
specialties. Very reasonably priced local wines.

Dei Cavalieri $$$
Petrignano, Via Matteotti 47
Ph 075 803 0011
Closed Mondays and month of January.
Elegant restaurant in a 14th century building just 5 km northwest of Assisi.

Le Silve $$$
075 801 9000
Closed Mondays
This restaurant is within a hotel just 10 km east of Assisi with both a garden and a terrace. Elegant and very creative cooking using seasonal produce.

Via degli Archi 6
Ph 075 812 240
Closed Sundays and January through March.
Modern restaurant serving traditional dishes.


Redibis $$$
Via dell’Anfiteatro
Ph 074 2361926
Closed Tuesdays.
Spectacular location in part of a Roman theater. Serves traditional Umbrian dishes in a creative manner.

Il Poggio dei Pettirossi $$$
Vocabolo Pilone
Ph 074 2361740
Closed from January 18th to March 7th.
Part of a hotel complex in the Umbrian countryside outside of Bevagna. Panoramic view with nice fireplace. Typical Umbrian cuisine.

Coccorone $$
Largo Tempestivi
Closed Mondays
Hidden along a quiet street this restaurant’s
menu is heavy on game and unusual meats.

Osteria Il Podesta $$
Corso Giacomo Matteotti 67
Ph 074 2361832
Restaurant is situated in the former town hall in the center of Bevagna. Seasonal menus with a specialty of Taglierini al Sagrantino.

Enotecca And Locanda Piazza Onofri $$
Piazza Onofri 2
Closed Mondays
Located in a traditional 12th century building with vaulted ceilings and open fireplace. 500 wines to choose from as well as homemade pasta.

La Bottega de Piazza Onofri $
102 Corso Matteotti 102
Ph 074 2361926
Closed Mondays
Taste wines and enjoy small homemade meals.

Il Rancho $$
Via Flaminia 55
Ph 0742 360 105
Closed Mondays
This restaurant within a hotel specializes in mushroom dishes.

Nina $$
Piazza Garibaldi 6
Ph 0742 360 161
Closed Tuesdays and month of July.
A family run trattoria with good home cooking and grilled meats.


Ristorante Country House L’Antico Forziere $$
Via della Rocca 2
Ph 075 9724314
Great menu served in an elegant setting inside a country inn. Identical twin
brothers are the chefs in this restaurant that should not be missed.
Be sure to order the Grand Dessert for the table!

Castiglione del Lago (Lago Trasemeno)

La Fontana $$$
Piazza Mazzini 8
Ph 075 951157
Set in lower part of Hotel Miralago and serves a range of dishes not exclusive to seafood.

L’Acquario $$
Via Vittoria Emanuele 69
Ph 075 9652432
Closed Mondays
Good seafood meals served in an elegant setting in the old section of town.

Il Lido Solitario $$
Via Lungolago 16
Ph 075 9652432
Very casual waterfront location but good food for the price.

Monna Lisa
Via del Forte
Ph 075 951070
Specializes in recreating dishes from ancient times including many considered “cucina povera” (peasant cuisine).

La Cantina $
Via Emanuele 93
Ph 075 9652463
Closed Mondays
Well priced with outdoor dining in warmer months. As well as seafood serves typical Umbrian dishes.

Citta Di Castello

Il Postale $$$$
Via Raffaele di Cesare 8
Ph 075 8521356
3 Course Menu 65 euros
Closed Mondays
Lunch & dinner every day except Saturday when it’s dinner only.
Considered nouvelle Umbrian cuisine.

Via Borgo di Sotto
Casual simple meals frequented by locals.

Il Bersaglio $$
Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 4
Ph 075 8555534
Closed Wednesdays & 2 Weeks in July
Traditional Umbrian cuisine with dishes that reflect the seasons. Tasting menu as well.

La Miniera di Galparino $$
Vocabolo Galparino 34
Ph 075 8540784
Restaurant is part of an agriturismo. Meals are served on long wooden tables in the converted stables.

Amici Mieie $$
Via del Monte 2
Ph 075 8559904
Closed Wednesday & 2 Weeks in November
Set in a 16th century palazzo in the historical center. Specialties include Strangozzi con Baccala.

Ristorante da Meo $
Franccano on SS257 10 km from town
Ph 075 8553870
Closed Wednesdays
Small restaurant with limited menu that changes daily. Meat cooked on the grill right in front of you.

Altotiberina $
Piazza Gabriotti
Ph 075 855 3089
Closed Tuesdays.
A wine bar built within an old palazzo. Cheese and salami dishes served as well as pizza.

Terme di Fontecchio $$
Fontecchio 4
Ph 075 852 0614
Closed Tuesdays.
PLeasant spot east of the city and once home to thermal baths. A hotel restaurant serving Umbrian dishes.


Locanda Del Bracconiere $ *
Via Del Borgo
Ph 075 972353 ‎
Casual, family run menu with inexpensive set menu option including wine and water. Very nice antipasti buffet that changes daily with seasonal specialties. Pizza served in the evening.

IL Papiro
Strada Marscianese del Piano – Loc. San Nicolò di Celle
Ph 075 – 974781


Lieta Sosta $$
Colfiorito, Via Adriatica 230
Ph 0742 681 321
Family run trattoria 20 km northeast of Foligno in Colfiorito in a hotel.

Angelo dell’Albergo Guesia $$
Ponte Santa Lucia 45
Ph 0742 311 515
Closed Mondays.
Elegant but comfortable hotel restaurant specializing in regional dishes including seafood.

Da Remo $$
Via Filizi
Ph 0742 340 522
Closed Sunday dinner, Mondays, and month of August.
Restaurant in an old villa near the railway station serving home cooked recipes. Lamb, pigeon, and pork are the specialties.

Villa Roncalli $$$$ *
Viale Roma 25
Ph 0742 391091
Closed Mondays and months of January and August.
A 17th century palazzo converted into a 10 room hotel and restaurant on the edge of town.

Locanda del Cavaliere
Che Non C’e
Via dei Molini 16
Ph 0742 353623
Rustic atmosphere featuring local cuisine.

Sparafucile $$
Largo Carducci 30
Ph 0742 342 602
Closed Wednesdays and month of November.
Within an old palazzo next to the cathedral, this small trattoria serves many dishes based on seafood.


Ristorante La Fornace di Mastro Giorgio $$$
Via Mastro Giorgio 2
Ph 075 9221836
Closed Tuesdays
Great place for a special occasion meal of local Umbrian specialties.

Taverna Del Lupo $$$
Via Anidei 21
075 9274368
Closed Mondays
More upscale menu and atmosphere, known for their truffle dishes.

Ristorante Fabiani $$
Piazza Quaranta Martiri 26
Ph 075 9274639
Closed Tuesdays
Large menu including both a tourist menu as well as a tasting menu.
Thursday and Fridays fish is served.

Alla Balestra $$
Via della Repubblica 41
Ph 075 9273810
Closed Tuesdays
Homemade pasta, meat, truffles, and mushroom dishes.

All’Antica Frantoio $$
Via Cavour 18, Largo Bargello
Ph 075 922 1780
Closed Mondays.
Umbrian cuisine served in a 13th century oil mill. Also offers wood burning pizza.

La Cantina $$
Via Piccotti
Ph 075 9220583
Closed Mondays.
Pretty restaurant in center.

Federico da Montefeltro $$
Via della Repubblica 35
Ph 075 9273949
Closed Thursday & February.
Specializes in mushroom and truffle dishes.

Funivia $$
Monte Ingino
Ph 075 9221259
Closed December to February and Wednesdays.
Fabulous views on clear days.


L’Alchemista $$ *
Piazza del Comune 14
Ph 0742 378 558
Closed Tuesdays, and January through March.
A very unique menu using traditional ingredients. The faro soup made with Sagrantino wine is a specialty.

Coccorone $$ *
Largo Tempestivi
Ph 0742 379 535
Closed Wednesdays.
Elegant family run trattoria within an old palazzo. Open fire in winters, home-made pasta dishes, grilled meats and game.

Enoteca Federico II $$
Piazza del Comune 1
Ph 0742 378 902
Closed Wednesdays.
A wine bar and small trattoria with a lively atmosphere.

Villa Pambuffetti $$
Via della Vittoria 20
Ph 0742 379 417
Closed Mondays, Tuesday and Sunday dinner, and January through March.
Elegant restaurant within a 19th century inn with views over the landscaped gardens. Regional cuisine.


Cavallino $
Via Flaminia Romana 220
Ph 0744 761 020
Closed Tuesdays.
A small family run trattoria that has been owned by the same family for over 30 years. Traditional Umbrian cuisine.

Il Pincio $
Via XX Settembre 115/117
Ph 0744 722 241
Closed Wednesdays from October through mid-April.
An 18th century palazzo with a dining room built from a cave. Family friendly Umbrian cuisine.


Dal Francese $$
Via Riguardati 16
Ph 0743 816 290
Closed Fridays during the winter, as well as the months of June and November.
Rustic setting serving in house salami and cured meats and dishes with black truffles when they are in season.

Granaro del Monte $$
Via Alfieri 12
Ph 0743 816 513
Closed Tuesdays.
A hotel and restaurant in an old pawnbrokers building. Specializes in grilled meats, as well as Risotto alla Castellana Tartufato and trout with crushed chickpeas.

Beccofino $$
Piazza S. Benedetto 12
Ph 0743 816 086
Closed Wednesdays except during the summer.
Tradional and innovative cuisine.

Taverna de’Massari $$
Via Roma 13
Ph 0743 816 128
Closed Tuesdays during the winter.
Situated in a 14th century palazzo and serving traditional cuisine specializing in mushrooms and truffles when in season.


L’Asino d’Oro $$
Vicolo del Popolo 9
Ph 0763 344 406
Closed Mondays.
Open between mid-March and mid-October as well as mid-December through mid-January.
Found along a narrow alley in the medieval center, this trattoria serves typical peasant style dishes.

La Grotte del Funaro $$
Via Ripa Serancia 41
Ph 0763 343 276
Closed Monday except in August
Centrally located in a tufa cave, the cuisine revolves around truffles, grilled meat and game dishes.

Ancora $$
Via de Piazza del Popolo 7
Ph 0763 342 766
Closed Thursdays and month of January.
This restaurant has been around more than 30 years and offers a traditional menu of game and grilled meats as well as wood fired pizza.

Maurizio $$
Via del Duomo 78
Ph 0763 341 114
Closed Tuesdays and month of February.
Large, spacious dining room with a menu based on local specialties.

La Badia $$$$
La Badia 8
Ph 0763 301 959
This was a 13th century monastery that now has a lovely restaurant serving very traditional local dishes.

Giglio d’Oro $$$$
Piazza Duomo 8
Ph 0763 341 903
Closed Wednesdays.
Sitting close to the cathedral, this very elegant restaurant offers traditional dishes along with a nice selection of wines.

Sette Consoli $$$$
Piazza Sant’Angelo 1a
Ph 0763 343 911
Closed Sunday dinner, Wednesdays from September through June, and the month of February.
The restaurant was created from the old sacristy of the church of Sant’Angelo. Local dishes including game are offered along with a tasting menu.

Trattoria Etrusca $$$
Via Lorenzo Maitani 10
Ph 0763 344 016
Closed Mondays and the months of February and August.
A warm family atmosphere with a menu that includes beef carpaccio, pigeon to name just a few of their specialties.

Osteria dell’Angelo $$$
Piazza XXIX Marzo 8A
Ph 0763 341 805
Closed Sunday evenings, Monday all day, and Tuesday lunch.
Modern atmosphere with a menu based on typical seasonal Italian dishes.

Trattoria la Grotta $
Via Luca Signorelli 5
Ph 0763 341 348
Closed Tuesdays.
Restaurant is converted from stables with frescoes in the historical center. Typical regional cuisine.

Villa Ciconia
Via dei Tigli 69
Ph 0763 305 582
Closed Mondays
Housed in a 16th century villa, this restaurant;’s menu specializes in mushroom and truffle dishes.


Antica Trattoria San Lorenzo $$$
Piazza Danti 19a
Ph 075 5721956
Closed Sundays
Elegantrstaurant in center with live music some nights.

Il Fachetto $$$
Via Bartolo 20
Ph 075 5731775
Closed Mondays & last two weeks January
Umbrian specialties served in medieval atmosphere near the cathedral.

Osteria del Gambero $$$
Via Baldeschi 17
Ph 075 5735461
Dinner only – Closed Sunday
Typical Umbrian cuisine in a 4th century palazzo.

Il Gufo $$
Via della Viola 18
Ph 075 5734126
Dinner Only – Tuesday Through Saturday
No Credit Cards
The owner chef uses local, seasonal ingredients.
Specialties – Cinghiale with fennel, Riso Nero
with Grilled Vegetables & Brie.

Wine Bartolo Hosteria $$
Via Bartolo 30
Ph 075 5716027
Closed Wednesdays
Descend a staircase into the restaurants and enjoy
such specialties as Chianina beef.

Il Gufo $$
Via delle Viola 18
Ph 075 5734126
Closed Mondays
Local, seasonal fare.

Al Mangiare Bene $$
Via delle Luna 21
Ph 075 5731047
Underground pizzeria and pasta restaurant. Everything organic.

La Bocca Mia $$
Via V. Rocchi
Ph 075 5723873
Closed Sunday & Monday Lunch & August
Near the Etruscan Arch. Specialties are the pasta dishes as well as desserts.

Da Cessarino $$
Piazza IV Novembre 4/5
Ph 075 5728974
Closed Wednesdays & January
Specialties are the homemade pasta and meat dishes.

Del Borgo $$
Via della Sposa 23/27
Ph 075 5720390
Open for dinner only.
Trattoria and norcineria.

Porta del Sole $$
Via delle Prome II
Ph 075 5720938
ClosedMondays & lunch
Neapolitan style pizza with garden dining in warm weather.

La Taverna $$
Via delle Strenghe 8
Ph 075 5724128
Just off of Corso Vannucci, this casual place is a local favorite.

Pizzeria Mediterranea $
Piazza Piccinino 11/12
Ph 075 5721322
Closed Tuesdays
Wood fire pizza here is said to be best in Perugia.

Il Cantinone $
Via Ritorta 6
Ph 075 5734430
Closed Tuesdays
Just left of the cathedral.

Ristorante Dal Mi’Cocco $ *
Corso Garibaldi 12
Ph 075 5732511
Set Meals – 14 euros
Closed Mondays
Diners receive a menu set daily including a
starter, main course, side dish, and dessert.
Very popular with students.

TuttoTesto $
Corso Garibaldi 15
Ph 075 5736666
Closed Mondays
Casual spot for local torta al test, crepes and salads.

Perugia Pasticceria

Corso Vannuci 32
Ph 075 5724112
Closed Mondays
Known for it’s amazing pastries and chocolates.

Piazza Matteotti 16
Ph 075 5721960
Petrignano (Lago Trasimeno)

San Feliciano (Lago Trasimeno)

Da Settimio
Via Lungolago Alicata
Closed Mondays & Tuesday
Near the ferry terminal. Very casual but is considered to serve some of the best
seafood dishes in the area.


Hotel Ristorante La Bastiglia $$$
Via dei Molini 17
Ph 074 2651277
Famed Umbrian chef Marco Gubbiotti oversees the kitchen
here that draws connoisseurs from all over the world.

Il Molino $$
Piazza Matteotti 6/7
Closed Tuesdays
This restaurant can be found in ancient olive mill dating back to the 14th century.
Wood burning grill for meats.

La Cantina $$ *
Via Cavour 2
Ph 074 2651775
Closed Wednesday
Seasonal dishes and grilled meats.

Il Cacciatore $$
Via Giulia 42
Ph 0742 651 141
Open Sunday Lunch & Mon-Sat Dinner
Housed within a friendly inn with lovely views. Homemade pappardelle with goose and grilled meats are the specialties.

Pinturicchio $$
Piazza Matteotti 6/7
Ph 0742 651 305
Closed Tuesday
Typical Umbrian trattoria housed in a medieval palazzo. Large variety of regional specialties offered.


Palazzaccio $
Loc. San Giacomo
S.S. 3-km 134
Ph 0743520 168
Closed Monday
Converted farm with a rustic but elegant decor serves traditional Umbrian dishes at very reasonable prices.

Taverna dei Duchi $
Via Saffi 1
Ph 0743 40323
Closed Friday
Restaurant and pizzeria with a good selection of wines. 18th century vaulted ceilings in the rooms.

Pentagramma $$
Via T.Martani 4
(Piazza della Liberta)
Ph 0743 223141
Closed Sunday dinner and Monday all day.
Popular meeting place for artists during the festival. Traditional soups and meat courses.

Enoteca Provinciale $$
Via Aurelio Saffi 7
Ph 0743 220 484
Closed Tuesday
Wine bar and restaurant with a sample of local Spoletina dishes. Nice choice of wines by the glass.

Ferretti $$
Monteluco 20
Ph 0743 498 49
Closed Tuesday
Small hotel restaurant east of the city. Grilled meats, roasts and homemade desserts are well known.

Festival $$
Via Brigone 8
Ph 0743 220 993
Closed Friday & Month of February
Best for hot appetizers, sausages, cured meats, strangozzi with truffles and desserts.

Mercato $$
Piazza Mercato 29
Ph 0743 453 25
Closed Tuesday & Month of November
Small family restaurant known for it’s truffle fondue, snails, or carpaccio.

I Pini $$
Via 3 Settembre 1
Ph 0743 481 56
Closed Mondays
Open for over half a century, is well known for serving regional and seasonal speacialties.

Caffe della Signoria $$$
Piazza della Signoria 5
Ph 0743 463 33
Closed Wednesday & Month of January
Outdoor seating during warmer weather. Reservations required.

Sabatini $$$
Corso Mazzini 52/54
Ph 0743 221 831
Closed Monday & Months of January and August
Chef and owner prepares regional specialties including many truffle dishes.

Il Tempo del Gusto $$$
Via Arco di Druso 11
Ph 0743 47121
Closed Thursday
Small but pleasant restaurant with well balanced dishes.

Tric Trac $$$
Piazza Duomo 10
Ph 0743 445 92
Closed Wednesday during winter months.
Outdoor tables overlooking Piazza del Duomo this restaurant is well known for it’s fresh and imaginative cooking.

Il Paniciolle $$$$
Vicoli degli Eroli 1
Ph 0743 455 92
Closed Wednesday and from early November through early December.
Well known for it’s regional kitchen.

Il Tartufo $$$$
Piazza Garibaldi 24
Ph 0743 402 36
Closed Sunday dinner, Mondays, And January & July.


La Mora
Strada S, Martino 44
Ph 0744 421 256
Closed Tuesday
Cosy little family run restaurant serving traditional cuisine.

Villa Graziani $$
Localita Papgno, Villa Valle 11
Ph 0744 67138
Closed Sunday evenings and Monday all day
Restaurant situated in an old villa run by the same family for many years. In summer is a lovely outdoor terrace.

La Fontanella $$
Via Plinio il Giovane 3/5
Ph 0744 402550
Closed Sunday
Mondern ambience with a wooden fire spit in the kitchen. Specializes in grilled meats.


Le Melograne
Via Garibaldi 48
This restaurant can be found in the hotel Tre Vasale owned
by the Lungarotti wine family. Very upscale and elegant
with daily tasting menus.

Ristorante Siro
Via Giordano Bruno 16
Great local dishes. The antipasti samplers for two
can almost be considered a complete meal.

Le Tre Vasalle $$$$
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 48
Ph 075 988 0447
Restaurant in an enchanting hotel right in the center of Torgiano. Serves traditional Umbrian fare using seasonal produce. Features Torgiano’s own local wines.


La Vecchia Posta $$$
Piazza Mazzini 14
Closed Thursdays
Found in the main piazza in Trevi.
Serves traditional Umbrian fare with a unique modern twist.

L’Ulivio $
Loc. Matigge
Via Monte Bianco 23
Ph 0742 78969
Closed Monday and Tuesday
Rustic atmosphere with a nice menu offering local specialties.

Taverna del Pescatore $$
Loc. Pigge, Via Chiesa Tonda 50
Ph 0742 780920
Closed Monday and Sunday evenings.
This restaurant on the banks of the Clitunno River offers a number of seafood options.


Cerretino $$
Calzolara, Via Colonnato 3
Ph 075 930 2166
Closed Sundays, and months of January and February.

Abbazzia di Montecorona $$$
Ph 075 941 1810
Closed Mondays and month of January.
Situated in an old abbey, the restaurant specializes in Umbrian dishes as well as seafood.