Points of Interest

Umbria is a small region at just 8,450 sq km and barely a million residents, but is rich in history, well known for its fertile rolling landscape, and famous for its many medieval hill towns. There are many varied and interesting sights to visit when in Umbria whether you are a history buff, prefer outdoor activities, or are traveling with a family. Here are just a few suggestions.

Orvieto Underground – At the heart of the Medieval quarter of Orvieto there is a fascinating underground labyrinth of passages, with caves and archaeological finds, all discovered fairly recently after centuries of neglect. You can now take a tour of the caves below the town of Orvieto which highlights how certain caves were used, as well as an explanation on how the city is building support structures to keep the caves from caving in and to keep Orvieto standing. See Photo Gallery or Read More

Marmore Falls – The amazing Marmore falls are just 8 kilometers from Terni and can be reached by either of the two roads east of the city, one leading to the upper road, or “Superiore”, and the other that takes you to the lower road, or “Inferiore”. Cascata dell Marmore is in fact a man made water fall and at 541 feet is the highest in all of Europe. See Photo Gallery or Read More

Piano Grande & The Sibillini Mountains – The mountainous landscape that falls east of Norcia is one of Italy’s hidden treasures, and it becomes an outdoor lover’s paradise during the spring and summer. Trails cover the countryside which are suitable for both hikers and mountain bikers, while the windy upland plains create a perfect environment for hang-gliding. Campgrounds can be found across the lower elevations and rafting is a popular activity all along the river that winds through the area. See Photo Gallery or Read More

The Fossilized Forest of Dunarobba – The Petrified Forest is located in the village of Dunarobba, 2.5 km from the walls of Avigliano. Considered one of the most unique paleontological sites in the world, the trees remaining in this petrified forest are more than two million years old. The fossilization phenomenon that can be observed at this site is different from all other petrified forests because the trunks here were able to maintain their original consistency and erect position. In general, wood takes fewer than 100 years to petrify. Read More

Sanctuary of Madonna dei Bagni – Just minutes from Deruta, right off of E45 is the tiny town of Casalina, and the Sanctuary of Madonna dei Bagni. Madonna dei Bagni is a small shrine from the 17th century, rich in local history that is well worth a visit. The shrine contains about 700 votive tiles that adorn the walls of the tiny church, dating back to almost 400 years ago. Read More