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Post Offices – Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 8:30am-7:30pm although many smaller offices are open mornings only. You can buy stamps (francoboli) in tabacchi (tobacco shops), and in some gift shops in tourist spots.

Phones – The number of pay phones across Italy has dropped significantly in recent years and those still in use telephone cards which can be bought from any tobacco store and some newspaper stands.

Cell Phones – Many US carriers now offer cellular service in Italy, however, roaming charges can be very expensive. Check with your cellular provider before you travel if your phone will work in Italy, and what the charges may be. A better solution may be to rent an international cellular phone before you leave home.

Important Codes When Calling From Italy:

To phone another number in Italy you must include the full area code.

International country codes are: UK & Ireland – 00 39
USA & Canada – 0 11 39
Australia – 00 11 39

For directory assistance dial 12 (Italy) or 176 (International)

British Operator – 17200 44

US Operator – 172 10 11 (AT & T)
172 10 22 (MG Worldphone)
172 18 77 (Sprint)

Australian Operator – 172 10 61 (Telestra)
172 11 61 (Opus)