Automobile Rental

April 26th, 2011 Uncategorized

Although the train and bus system across Italy is quite extensive and easy to navigate, if you truly want to experience all that Umbria has to offer you’ll want to rent a car.

Driving in Italy in general can be an adventure although driving around Umbria is very safe and unless you try driving through the larger congested towns and cities is relatively stress free. Luckily the more congested areas all have plentiful parking outside that allows you to park and walk into the town or city. Most rental cars in Italy have standard transmissions and unfortunately will charge you a premium for an automatic car. It also makes sense to rent the smallest car possible to help with parking in tight spaces as well as help keep costs down for gas. AutoEurope is a very well respected agency for reasonable car rentals in Italy.

If you plan to rent a car and are a non-Eu resident, it is recommended that you obtain an International Driver’s Permit. It is easily obtained from AAA agencies back in North America for a minimal charge. Rental cars are almost always cheaper if booked ahead of time before you arrive.

Most motorways in Italy are toll roads. You take a ticket when you enter and pay as you exit and they all do take credit cards which speeds up payment considerably. In general, speed limits are 50 km in built up areas, and 110 km on highways. If your car does break down, dial T116 at the nearest phone and tell the operator where you are, your type of car, and your plate number. They in turn will contact the Automobile Club d’Italia who will send someone out to assist you.

Parking – Parking areas in major cities are designated by a lines of different colours, usually white lines indicate free parking, yellow lines reserved parking (for residents, disabled, taxis etc.), while blue lines require payment of a parking fee that varies according to the city, time and area.

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