Marmore Falls

September 2nd, 2010 | Activities,Marmore Falls

The amazing Marmore falls are just 8 kilometers from Terni and can be reached by either of the two roads east of the city, one leading to the upper road, or “Superiore”, and the other that takes you to the lower road, or “Inferiore”. Cascata dell Marmore is in fact a man made water fall and at 541 feet is the highest in all of Europe. The falls were created by the Romans in 271 BC when they diverted the River Velino into the Nera to prevent flooding of local agricultural land. Read More


April 22nd, 2010 | Featured,Perugia Province,Todi

Todi, a very popular small Umbrian hilltown is situated halfway between Perugia and Terni, was founded by the Umbrians around 2700 BC and shows traces of both Etruscan and Roman civilization. Todi has stunning views overlooking the surrounding Umbrian countryside in all directions. Read More