Outdoor Activities

The rich beauty of the Umbrian landscape offers something for everyone who loves outdoor activities, from rafting along the Nera river, hiking through the Piano Grande, or even hang-gliding on the slopes of Monte Vettore. Whether you prefer a more passive activity such as taking a leisurely boat trip around Lago di Trasimeno, a hot air balloon ride over Assisi, or like to get a great workout through rock climbing or cycling, there are many venues across Umbria to meet everyone’s needs.

  • Horseback Riding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Walking & Hiking
  • Biking
  • Water Sports
  • Golf
  • Hang-gliding
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Horseback Riding – There are numerous stables and farm holiday businesses that arrange horseback riding excursions. There are even companies that will plan your entire vacation in Umbria around horseback riding such as High Pointe Tours.

    La Rosa Canina
    There are various riding routes, for all levels of experience through the beautiful countryside of Trasimeno park. The center is open all year and organizes weekend and weeklong excursions. The center has good horses for both english style or western style.
    Via dei Mandorli, 23
    06064 PANICALE (PG)
    Ph 0758 350660
    Mail: info@larosacanina.it

    The Agricontri Agritourismo riding school is located in Monte Peglia Park and offers fabulous excursions through the breathtaking countryside. The horses are trained for American-style riding and are suitable for trekking. The riding school works to make your dream come true with an unforgettable nature experience on horseback. They will also organize personalized excursions on request.
    Azienda Agrituristica
    Località Buchella, 9 – Doglio
    Montecastello di Vibio
    06057 – Perugia
    Ph 075 8749610

    Sibillini’s Ranch
    The riding school organizes riding within the National Park and offers instruction for beginners. Competent riders may undertake treks of one or two day’s duration.

    Agrilia – Farm Holidays & Riding School
    The riding school lies next to the farmhouse. Guests may bring their horses and shelter them in the stalls. It is possible to exercise in the various areas (riding ground and hurdles field), to take riding lessons, to make excursions on horseback under the guide of experienced teachers.
    Agriturismo Agrilia
    Strada Ponte Pattoli – Monte Bello 2
    06134 Ponte Pattoli, PG

    Other Riding Schools – Poggio del Belveduto between Castel Rigone and Passignano organizes cross country riding in the hills above Lake Trasimeno and archery.
    Circolo Ippico di Valvasone at Magione offers pony-riding for children and cross country riding.

    Horse Center Val Menotre, Foligno, Ph 0742 660301

    Rock Climbing – Mountaineering has become much more popular in recent years, and Umbria has many cliffs in Monte Sibillini, Parco Fluviale del Nera, and the village of Ferentillo suitable for climbing. It is also possible to explore the caves system beneath Monte Cucco along the Marche border, as well as some caves in the mountains around Terni. Canyoning, or navigating steep-sided gorges is a relatively new sport to Umbria, but is possible to experience this extreme sport in the Valnerina (Fosso di Rocca Gelli & Forra del Casco), on Monte Cucco, and in the hills around Lago di Corbara. (Gole di Prodo) The area along the S77 from Foligno to Macerata is also known for its great climbing walls.

    Ferentillo is a great late fall or early spring road trip area. Sitting in the “Green Zone” of Umbria the weather is mild and the surronding area is full of things to do when not climbing. The sites to visit are Gabbio, though now it is a bit polished, and Arronem Il Pompa areas. The quality of rock is good and the routes are well bolted. Each cliff area offers a different type of climbing style.

    The following Italian clubs offer information and details about mountaineering and climbing in Umbria.

    Club Alpino Italiano – Regione Foligno
    Via Firenze, 06034 Foligno (PG)
    Ph 074 222 921

    Club Alpino Italiano – Regione Gualdo Tadino
    Via Rocchetta, 06023 Gualdo Tadino (PG)
    Ph 075 914 2213

    Club Alpino Italiano – Regione Gubbio
    At: Piazza San Pietro 4, 06024 Gubbio (PG)
    Ph 075 927 5474

    Club Alpino Italiano – Regione Perugia
    Via della Gabbia 9, 06123 Perugia (PG)
    Ph 075 5730334

    Club Alpino Italiano – Regione Terni
    Via Fratelli Cervi 31, 05100 Terni (TR)
    Ph 074 428 6500

    Club Alpino Italiano – Regione Spoleto
    Piazzale Polvani 8, 06049 Spoleto (PG)
    Ph 074 322 0433

    Walking & Hiking – Umbria has a range of terrains for walking, hiking and trekking with magnificent scenery along the way. In Umbria, the area around Spoleto is particularly good; several pleasant, easy, and well-signed trails begin at the far end of the Ponte alle Torri bridge over Monteluco. From Cannara an easy half-hour walk leads to the fields of Pian d’Arca, the site of Saint Francis’s sermon to the birds. For slightly difficult walks, you can follow the St Francess path, uphill from Assisi to the Eremo delle Carceri, and then continue along the trails that crisscross Monte Subasio. At 4,250 feet, the Subasio’s treeless summit affords views of Assisi, Perugia, far-off Gubbio, and the distant mountain ranges of Abruzzo.

    For even more challenging hiking, the northern reaches of the Valnerina are exceptional, the mountains around Norcia should not to be missed, the Trasimeno region is renowned for its beautiful walking and hiking trails. around Lake Trasimeno and along to the Tiber River. The great thing about walking is all you need is a good pair of shoes and you can explore the Umbrian countryside.

    Throughout Umbria, you’ll find that most recognized walking and hiking trails are marked with the distinctive red-and-white blazes of the Club Alpino Italiano. Local tourist offices are often the best source for finding trails in your area, and often have walking and climbing itineraries to suit all ages and levels of ability. Also, check out bookstores, tabacchi, and newsstands, who often have maps and hiking guides that detail the best routes in their area. Depending on the length and location of your walk, it can be important that you have comfortable walking shoes or boots, appropriate attire, and plenty of water to drink.

    Valnerina Walking & Hiking Trails – A section of walking & hiking trails in the Valnerina with a variety of levels.

    Also check out Rebecca Winke’s guide Hiking Italy’s Green Heart: 5 Great Trails in Umbria

    Biking – Biking has become an extremely popular sport worldwide, but particularly in Italy where men of all ages can be seen biking along the country roads of Umbria in groups. In Umbria, you will find many biking trails that will meet the needs of the amateur to the more experienced cyclist. One of the very best sources for information is Bike in Umbria. Here you will find 30 itineraries for road bikes, 22 routes for MTBs and 4 itineraries with stopovers. Maps, altimetry, descriptions, technical sheets, photos and gps files can be downloaded for all itineraries. There is even a section of practical tips to keep you safe and ensure you have a great cycling experience.

    Need to rent a bike? There are a number of sources listed on the AngloInfo Site

    Water Sports – Most of the lakes in Umbria are protected natural areas, and water sports are often not permitted in these protected waters. Lake Trasimeno however, as the region’s largest lakes does allow all forms of water sports. You may bring your own boat or equipment, or you can rent. In order to waterski, you must first apply for a permit from the office of the Provincia di Perugia. Water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing and motor boating can also be enjoyed on the Horn River (Perugia) and on the River Nera (Terni). Kayak, canoe, windsurf and other equipment rental is possible.

    Rafting has become a particularly popular water sport in Umbria as each spring the water rises in many of Umbria’s rivers, particulary the Nera and Tiber rivers.The Nera river is the most popular rafting location and offers a range of levels of difficulty. The stretch of Tiber river below Todi is also a popular rafting location. There are also many rafting sites from Monte Sebillini down to the Valnerina.

    Centro Rafting Marmore – In Umbria, below the Marmore falls, guided rafting trips take place from the descent of rapids in a rubber dinghy. Here, the Nera river bubbles over the rocks for over three kilometers, forming fourth degree rapids (on a scale from 1 to 6), surrounded by lush vegetation, in a beautiful tropical-like setting.

    Rafting Center Fiumo Corno – Rafting Center Fiumo Corno organizes guided rafting excursions in the Umbrian Appenine Mountain Range. They will provide you with everything you need (wetsuits, water-proof jackets, helmets, life-jackets, footwear). Rafting excursions can be organized for groups of at least four or five people, a lesser number will be included in other groups. Rafting takes place on the River Corno in the area of the Sibillini National Park, an area only five kilometers from the town of Norcia.

    Gaia Wilderness – Rafting & Hydrospeed boats in Valnerina.

    List of Places That Rent Sailboats, Canoes & Kayaks

    Golf – Golfing in Umbria simply is not that popular a sport, and although if you really are interested in golfing it is possible to find a club. The facilities, and often the courses themselves however, are simply not what you would find in North America.

    Antognolla Golf Club – The Antognolla, an 18 hole course, was designed by the famous course architect Robert Trent Jones, and is situated in central Umbria only 20 minutes north of Perugia. The course is dominated by the medieval castle of Antognolla and is a good experience for both the professional and amateur golfers alike. The interesting design of Trent Jones is complemented by the intense natural beauty of the area, with unspoiled far reaching views, abundant woodland and natural flora and the spectacular medieval and typical Umbrian architecture both inside and around the golf course.

    Perugia Gold Club – Just 6 kilometers from Perugia, an 18 hole, par 72 course.

    Hang-gliding – The region of Umbria is considered a prime area for hang-gliding due to it’s elevations, windy conditions, and gorgeous vistas. Some of the prime locations for hang-gliding in Umbria are Monte Cucco and Monte Sibillini.

    Prodelta – Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Paramotor, Tourist Fly, Snow Kite.
    Loc. Castelluccio di Norcia, Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini
    Ph 339.5635456
    Email – info@prodelta.it

    Pericolo Generico – Mt. Cucco is one of the few locations where national and international competitions of free flight at high technical levels are held. Sigillo is the only municipality in Italy that has housed 7 editions out of 21 of the Hang Gliding Open Championships.
    Scuola di Volo Libero
    Via G. Matteotti, 52 c/o Pizzeria Villa Anita – 06028 Sigillo (PG)
    Ph 075/9177042 Mobile: 339/3174752 (Fugnanesi Luca) – 349/0925353 (Tassinari Maurizio)
    Email: luca.fugnanesi@libero.it

    Hot Air Balloons – Nothing could be as romantic as floating over the Umbrian landscape in a hot air balloon.

    Ballon.It – Round trip transportation from your accommodation, flight with a professional pilot, strawberries and champagne at landing.
    Days: ALL DAYS at early morning or late afternoon, weather conditions permitting. Take off points include Todi, Torgiano, Assisi, and Castiglione del Lago.