Umbria has some type of shopping experience for everyone. If you are renting a self catering farmhouse, or apartment and making some of your meals at home you will want to check out some of the numerous outdoor markets that can be found in most of the larger towns. Most outdoor markets are a mix of clothing, household items, as well as local, seasonal food items. Also, every weekend, there are generally antique markets going on in a couple of towns, where you can buy everything from antique lace doilies, to huge pieces of furniture.

When visiting any new region, you always want to buy something to take back home with you to remember your trip. Umbria is well known for a number of artisan crafts, that can be bought in most of the larger hill towns across the region. See What To Buy In Umbria below for some ideas of things to buy to take home with you that Umbria is famous for.

What To Buy In Umbria

Outdoor Markets

Antique Markets

Outlet Shopping in Umbria