How To Reach Umbria

Umbria is one of Italy’s smallest regions located in the center of the country adjacent to Tuscany. Umbria is the only landlocked region with no coastline, has no large cities, and a total population of less than a million but what it lacks in size it makes up for in the beauty of its countryside and in a large number of fascinating small hill towns to visit. Umbria has been called the “Tuscany without tourists”, as it’s beautiful unique hill towns have yet to be discovered by the throngs of tourist one sees in many areas of Tuscany.

Perugia is the largest city in Umbria and perhaps the easiest to get to on public transportation. Perugia can be reached by train from a branch line at Terontola off the main Florence-Rome line or at Foligno off the Rome-Ancona line. From the Perugia train station, you can then take almost any bus up the hill into town. There’s also on a small private Umbria train line out of Stazione Sant Anna, halfway up the hill near Piazza Partigiani, the bus terminal for regional and national buses and a large parking lot.

TrenItalia – Here you can check train schedules and purchase tickets online. You can also check out their Traveller’s Guide to find out all the information you’ll need to purchase your tickets and travel by train.

The closest airports are Rome, Pisa, and Florence. Perugia now has an airport with flights from other parts of Italy and Europe as well. The International Airport Of Perugia You can find out about flights into Perugia here as well as car rental and bus information at the airport.

By Car:

From the North – Motorway “del Sole” (A1), Firenze-Roma, exit Valdichiana – connecting road Bettolle-Perugia.
Highway E45 Cesena-Orte exit Perugia

From the South – Motorway “del Sole” (A1), Roma-Firenze, exit Orte – Highway E45 Orte-Cesena exit Perugia

Getting Around Umbria – Travel throughout Umbria is best done by private car and auto rental agencies can be found at the Rome, Florence, and Perugia airports. There is limited public bus services to and from Perugia to other Umbrian towns, but these run regularly only on weekdays.

APM – Perugia Buses Service
Str. Santa Lucia, 4 – 06125 Perugia
Tel. +39075.50 67 81 – Fax +39075.500 45 30 – Numero Verde 800512141

Private car hire can be obtained in either the Rome or Florence airport to Perugia.

Taxi Parks in Perugia –

Fontivegge Railway Station Tel. +390755010800
Corso Vannucci Tel. +390755721979
Piazza Italia Tel. +390755736092
Largo Cacciatori delle Alpi Tel. +390755736096

Distances From Perugia

Assisi 24 km
Bettona 19 km
Corciano 11 km
Deruta 19 km
Firenze 154 km
Gubbio 39 km
Milano 447 km
Orvieto 76 km
Roma 173 km
Spoleto 66 km
Terni 82 km
Todi 46 km
Umbertide 33 km