Passport And Tourist Regulations

April 26th, 2011 Uncategorized

All EU citizens can enter Italy and stay as long as they want with proof of a valid passport. A visa is not required for US, Canadian, Australia or New Zealand citizens holding a valid passport unless they expect to stay in Italy for more than 90 days or are entering the country for study or employment reasons. Anyone who decides to stay over 90 days once they have entered the country should make an application once only to any police station (called a questera) for an additional 90-day extension. Proof will be required to ascertain that the person is a bona fide tourist with adequate means of support and that the extension is not for study or employment purposes. Generally, permission is granted immediately. Non-American citizens should check current visa requirements with the nearest Italian Consulate before departure.

The paperwork related to registering with the police within 3 days of arrival in Italy is dealt with by the hotels the tourist is staying in. If staying with friends or in a private home, tourists must register in person at the nearest police station within three days of arrival. In Rome there is a special police information office to assist tourists and Interpreters are available.

Telephone: 06.461-950 or 06.486-609 for information.

Australian Embassy:
Via Alessandra 215, 00198
Rome PH-06.852.721

Canadian Embassy:
Via GB de Rossi 27, 00161
Rome PH-06.445.981

UK Embassy:
Via XX Settembre 80a, 00187
Rome PH-06.4220.0001
Florence: Lugarno Corsini 2

US Embassy:
Via V Veneto 119/a, 00187
Rome PH-06.46.741
Florence: Lugarno Vespucci 38