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Umbria in general is considered a safe region, however if you have difficulties requiring help each town has a police office open 24 hours a day. Medical care in Umbria is fairly accessible as well, but do look into obtaining health insurance before you travel.

It is important no matter where you travel in Italy to use common sense. It is unwise to carry large amounts of money. Instead, take out with you each day only as much as you are likely to need for the day for entrance to museums etc., meals and possibly a little for shopping. Leave the rest in the hotel safe until needed, and in fact it is best to carry less cash and use a credit card when purchasing goods or meals. Visa or Mastercard are the ones accepted most readily across Italy. Be particularly careful around busy railway stations where pickpockets seem to frequent.

If you still are concerned about carrying cash, then a money belt can be very useful. There is no need to carry your Pasport everywhere you go, and in the very rare event of being asked by the police or anyone else to see your Passport a photocopy of the relevant pages is sufficient. Always be aware of who is around you and never carry anything in a purse that you can’t live without, and leave your expensive jewelry at home. Men should always carry their wallet in their front pocket, and it is best for women to carry purses with long straps that they can wear across their chest as added security.

Although your hotel will take your passport overnight, do not be concerned as they are required by Italian law to register your stay and may have their books inspected to ensure they do so.

When traveling by car, always lock the vehicle and don’t leave expensive items in plain view to temp thieves.

Useful Emergency Numbers
Emergency Health Service Tel. 118
Police Emergency Tel. 113
Carabinieri Emergency Calls Tel. 112
Fire Station Tel. 115
Police (passport office, too) Tel. 07550621
Red-Cross Ambulance 075 812824/075 8139227
Emergency doctor Tel. 075 8043616/075 8139227
Hospital (exchange) Tel. 075 81391
Hospital First Aid 075 812824/075 8139227
ACI Road Service Tel. 116
Local Police (all day) Tel. 075812820
UN Office Tel. 075816268

Consumer Information (Mondays Wednesdays Fridays 9am-12pm / Tuesdays Thursdays 3pm-5.30pm) Tel. 0755045843 (Region of Umbria)
Tel. 800013474 (toll-free – Perugia Province)
Emergency number for abused children up to 14 years old Tel. 19696 (toll-free)
Number for adults and for teenagers (3pm-6pm every day 8.30am-8.30pm) Tel. 199151515
Emergency number for abused women Tel. 0755045596-800861126 (toll-free)
AIDS Info Line Tel. 800015249 (toll-free)
” Caritas” Charity Service Tel. 0755723851-573366-5720970
Drug Info Line (every day 9am-8pm) Tel. 800016600-840002244 (toll-free)
Emergency Veterinary Service (stray and other animals – every days 8am-2pm) Tel. 0755412407
Municipality assisi Exchange Tel. 07581381 Fax 0758138670 – 800 050 900 (toll-free)